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Tagalog Book

Also see: Tagalog notebook

Tagalog notebook for learning

The primary object of this little book is to provide an English-speaking visitor to the Philippines with a preliminary acquaintance with the Filipino language necessary for a deeper insight than that which can merely be acquired by a hasty tourist.

The practical needs of the tourist, however, have been especially provided for. We do not profess to offer an exhaustive treatment which can only be given in a larger volume, but we earnestly hope that the book will fill a gap long recognized abroad.

The grammar contained on pp. 14-52 will enable a student of Tagalog to read Philippine newspapers and even literary prose with a larger dictionary to hand.

The compilers will be very grateful for any suggestions and criticisms for consideration in preparing future editions.

The abbreviations and references used in this book need no special explanation. Some details however should be pointed out.

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For Tagalog Learners ⬇️

Blank Notebook for Students Learning Tagalog

The Filipino word for “notebook” is kuwaderno.